Bonding is a treatment within cosmetic dentistry and consists of a dentist applying material directly to a patient’s tooth to reshape it. Tooth bonding will allow dentists to improve the colour and structure of a tooth according to what their patient is looking to achieve. They will then fuse the added material to your natural tooth enamel to create a resistant natural result.

The bonding material may be derived from resin or porcelain to ensure long-lasting and strong results. This treatment is most useful for repairing teeth that are cracked or broken and need repairing. Dental bonding will overall enhance a patient’s smile.

How Does the Procedure Work

Your Wainwright dentist will examine your smile and see what damage may be fixed with bonding. Once this has been determined, they will use a shade guide to determine which color bonding will look the most natural on your smile. Once the color has been carefully chosen, they will prepare the material.

To prepare the teeth for application, the dentist will rub the surface of your tooth and roughen it; this is done since it helps the bonding agent attached to the tooth’s enamel. They will lightly coat the teeth with a conditioning liquid to help the material adhere. Once this is completed, they will apply the tooth-colored resin to your smile. They may use special dental instruments to reshape and smooth the resin until it is shaped accordingly.

Once the manipulation is finished, the dentist will use ultraviolet light to harden the resin and ensure it is securely attached. Any additional shaping, trimming, and polishing can be done afterward.

The procedure may take up to one hour, depending on how many teeth are treated and each patient’s unique dental preference and the extent of damage their looking to have remedied. Patients may need to schedule multiple visits if they will be working on multiple teeth.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bonding

As with any procedure, getting dental Bonding in Wainwright has both benefits and disadvantages, which include:


  • Not a costly procedure and is very easy to complete.
  • Results that match your natural teeth.
  • Often used to correct chipped teeth or discoloured teeth. It can also be used to close small dental gaps.
  • t may be used to protect and strengthen a tooth that has receded into the gums.
  • A dentist can perform it, and anesthesia is not required in most cases.


  • It will not be as durable or strong as a tooth’s natural enamel. Patients need to be more conscious about hard foods that may break the bonding.
  • The bonding material is not stain-resistant and could absorb colour from dark foods.
  • Has a short life as compared to other options available, such as dental crowns.

Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Bonding?

If you have been experiencing aesthetic issues with your smile and are looking for an enhancement, dental bonding may be a viable solution for you. To ensure this procedure will help yourcase, be sure to visit a dentist near you to discuss your options. Some patients may benefit from other procedures if they have experienced extensive damage or decay, and dental bonding is no longer enough to restore their smiles.

Dental bonding may be the ideal solution for patients experiencing:

  • Discoloration and small chips
  • Minor tooth cracks
  • Small gaps in their smiles

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